One Photo Of Pelosi At A Wedding Is Sending People Into A Frenzy!


It’s been written in the books, Democrats are a bunch of liars, stagers, and Hypocrites.

Recently, another Dems was caught red-handed violating her own mandate.

The current administration has been ridiculously enforcing vaccinations that are not so far away from scientific experimentation.

They claim that you will be safe and free when you wear a tight mask, get vaxxed. Wow. How is that even free when you can’t breathe free and decide free?

Nancy Pelosi is currently driving us all nuts when she couldn’t even follow her protocol.

It was reported that Pelosi officiated a very elitist wedding in San Francisco recently.

But this photo is not what’s bugging everyone right now… it’s this photo of her in the middle of the crowd, mask-less.

I know how you feel… dismayed, disgusted, and irritated.

Just like how these people on the internet feel.

Here are a few of their reactions:

“Looks mighty white to me. Where’s the diversity?”

“They don’t care! But people are complying too. I just drove by a few school bus stops and kids are outside wearing their masks!!!! Yes. In Florida. Fresh air. Outside. Wearing masks. It’s nuts.”

“It’s all theater. During the ceremony…. “Guests were asked to mask up before Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi entered the room and took her position at the microphone.”

“No surprise. Again, if they were concerned about covid, they wouldn’t be saying one thing and doing another.”

I am not surprised by her traits, after all, she’s a Dems!

Source: Wayne Dupree