One Reporter EXPOSED Biden’s Delaware Trips Have Nothing To Do With Vacation!


America is in the middle of a crisis yet Joe is busy planning his vacation. This reporter figured out why Biden keeps on going to “Delaware” for vacation.

The President of the White House Correspondents Association has told us that Joe Biden is spending his weekend in Wilmington, Delaware.

What is really going on in Delaware? All we thought is Joe Biden is only going there for vacation… Is it really necessary for an old man to spend that much vacation amidst the chaos he just bring into America and Afghanistan?

A conservative Town Hall journalist Kurt Schlichter has a theory about these trips, well, this is alleged but makes sense.

Well, this just got a lot more interesting after Jen Psaki said that these trips are nobody’s business. Really? After these repetitive vacations, this is the time where he is needed the most. This is really getting into my nerves.

Watch Jen Psaki responded to that.

Here’s what people had to say about it:

“has anyone asked why he has to come back? i say leave him there and lock the doors.”

“he does go there an awful lot and I agree he’s likely meeting with the people running the show”

“I’m sure he only discusses yoga and grandchildren. Except that one that Hunter spawned with the stripper…he doesn’t talk about that grandkid”

“Places of Familiarity helps people with dementia. Taking him to places that are different for the norm for too long can be detrimental for them. They could hurt themselves or others”

” a retired Secret Service agent told me Joe can’t not negotiate the White House on his own.”

“He’s compromised….”

“The blood of virgins infusion center is not on the White House premises.”

“It’s where he meets his doctor”

Source: Wayne Dupree