O’Reilly Proves His Point About Media Bias When Dem Can’t Name a Conservative Presence on 5 Major Networks

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President Donald Trump is known for his disdain toward the press, often loudly calling out coverage and he finds misleading or untrue.

But recently, he ignited the fire with the media even further, lashing out at certain publications as “the enemy of the American People.”

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @CNN, @NBCNews and many more)  is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people. SICK!”

The commander-in-chief then deleted the tweet, but not because her regretted his statements.

Shortly after, he posted the same tweet once again but this time, with more news outlets listed:

Well, the media proved their discredibility (proving Trump right) once again when Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly held a segment on his show questioning how “free” our press really is, and whether it’s overwhelmingly biased toward one side of the political spectrum has clearly affected the opinions of the American people.

O’reilly admitted to agreeing with Senator John McCain’s statement that the Founding Fathers established laws to protect a “free press” , but highlighted a ‘media contradiction’ in modern America, 228 years after those laws were established:

“When the press aligns itself with a political movement, it is no longer objective or free.”

To prove his point, he asked his guest, Mary Anne Marsh, to identify the conservative presence on the five major networks.

The whole thing was pretty embarrassing for the left:

After several crooked and debatable answers, Marsh was asked about CNN.

After a long moment, she said:

“I don’t have one for you there.”

Even more shocking was when she echoed this sentiment when asked about MSNBC.  Marsh replied:

“Don’t have one for you there either.”

Check it out:

O’Reilly finished the segment with the claim that she would “stammer and stutter” if the same question were applied to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The L.A. Times.

Well done, Bill!



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