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OUCH!: Hillary Clinton Challenges Laura Bush – Check Out Her BRUTAL Response

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Unlike loudmouth liberals like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, Laura Bush was a first lady who was the epitome of class, elegance, and kindness.

Since she is normally a soft-spoken woman, conservatives were stunned this week when Laura spoke out to give the Clintons a brutal dose of reality. In a recent interview, Laura was asked about the possibility of a female president and a “first gentleman” entering the White House. Realizing she was being effectively asked about the Clintons, Laura gave a blunt response.

According to Q Political, Laura was asked to give some advice to the first gentleman, aka Bill Clinton.

“Stand back and be quiet,” Laura said, basically telling Bill to shut up. When she was asked to elaborate on the role someone like Bill should have in the White House, Laura continued with her point.

“I don’t know. It’ll be interesting, when it finally happens, what the first gentleman will do. I hope they’ll take on men’s health, perhaps,” she explained.

We applaud Laura for sticking it to the Clintons and letting them know exactly what she thinks about the prospect of Bill becoming a first gentleman!

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