OUCH!! Teen THUG Harassing MOTHER On Subway Faces MAJOR Consequences


Teens and adults fighting. It’s an age-old story. In a world where everyone is on social media and video cameras are in everyone’s pockets, it’s not hard to find video footage of this kind of human confrontation.

On May 1, footage surfaced of an argument between a teen and a woman, who is assumed to be a mother, according to Inquisitr.

The teen had allegedly become disrespectful and aggressive, and began to step closer toward the woman appearing as if he might strike her. The woman could be heard challenging him to spit on her. At this point, the teen said he’d knock her out and she dared him to do that as well.

The teen then shoved her, but he never expected what would happened next.

Before the teen could think about what the woman would do next, she was promoted to swiftly pull out some pepper spray. She then maced him directly in the face. This shut down the confrontation immediately.

The teen quickly backed down and ran away.

Source: Inquistr

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  1. That’s what his little disrespectful ass get!!!!! And I hope his parents saw this video and got in his behind as well.

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