OUCH: You Won’t BELIEVE What Kaine Was Caught On Camera Doing While Pence Praised Cops [VIDEO]


The vice presidential debate Tuesday night was full of interesting moments and remarkable one-liners that will undoubtedly be repeated for the next few days in the media.

One of the many testy moments between the two candidates came when the discussion turned to issues of policing and race relations in America.

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine predictably backed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s claim of implicit bias everywhere, and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defended police officers against these attacks.

While the words the candidates spoke were important, their body language was also something that many people picked up on. While Pence was speaking somberly about police shootings in America, Kaine was acting like he had ants in his pants.

Pence highlighted how Clinton used the shooting in North Carolina as proof of “implicit bias” in the police, as well as implicit bias in every American.

While Pence was pointing out Clinton’s remarks, Kaine was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. At one point it looked like he was working very hard not to tug at his collar.

You can watch the exchange below. Kaine starts to look uncomfortable almost immediately, but it really gets back after about the one-minute mark:

Throughout the debate, Kaine acted like he had consumed far too much caffeine just before heading onto the stage. He interrupted Pence constantly (by some estimates, over 70 times) and regularly tried to to reuse his pre-rehearsed lines.

By comparison, Pence was cool and calm and refused to be derailed by the hyperactive Democrat sitting a few inches away from him.

Appearances do matter during events like this, but Kaine was probably too busy researching things Trump said a year ago to remember that.

Many of the polls coming out show that Pence one the debate hands down, not only because his answers were more substantive but because he acted more presidential than Kaine. This clip is good evidence of both of those things.


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