Paranormal Investigators Witnessed Something Unnerving And Strange At St. Mary’s Church


The ruins of Old St. Mary’s Church in Clophill, England, are a hotbed of paranormal and pagan activity.

During the 1960s, “Deadman’s Hill” in Clophill (the location of the old, ruined church of St. Mary) was the center of some particularly dark black magic rituals.

Recently, paranormal investigators visited the site in hopes of catching a glimpse of something otherworldly. Dean Johnson and his partner Charlie were filming the entrance to the church when they filmed something a little strange…

Take a look at the footage captured:

This encounter could have easily been faked (or the footage altered), but given the site’s history and odd atmosphere, it does warrant consideration. After all, in 1963, human remains were arranged in the nave of the church for a black mass (and it’s hard to guess what that purpose was)…

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