Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About Inflation…


Pawn Stars boss and operator of the world-famous Gold and Silver pawn shop in Las Vegas Rick Harrison has issued a warning to the American people that Democrat President Joe Biden “has no idea” what he’s doing.

On Monday, during an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Harrison slammed Biden over rising prices that are hurting Americans. In fact, Biden’s administration is still trying to downplay the impact on struggling Americans.

Harrison is just one of the many well-known personalities who has had enough of Biden’s incompetence. Unlike others, he has the gut to say it loud.

Here’s what he said according to Fox News:

“This is devastating because they talk about… we got 8.6% inflation or something like that… across the board, but you talk to people who have lower, middle income, and they have to drive a lot, this affects them a lot more,” Harrison said.

“It’s not 8% inflation,” he continued. “It’s like 25% inflation.”

Inflation currently sits at a 40-year high as Americans grapple with sky-high prices at the grocery store and gas pump.

“It’s harder and harder to stay in business, and we have a government that has no idea what it’s doing,” Harrison said.

He’s certainly not the only one placing the blame on the federal government and Biden in particular.

The country is facing hard times through inflation, and Harrison is certainly feeling the effects as a business owner.

And it turns out that a growing number of far-left Democrats are joining Republicans in blaming Biden for making the economic problems worse.

Politico explained it further:

Runaway inflation is crushing President Joe Biden’s approval ratings and threatens to swamp Democrats in the midterm elections.

But many progressives — including some within the administration itself — say Biden’s all-out messaging war against spiking prices is making matters even worse.

They fear that the administration’s unswerving support for the Federal Reserve’s campaign to choke off inflation will slam the brakes on the economy and undercut the few things the White House has moving in its favor. Among them: a strong labor market, solid wage gains and ambitious spending proposals in areas like child care and prescription drug costs that are popular with voters.

Frustration among administration progressives boiled over at the end of May when Biden declared his “laser focus” on inflation while meeting at the White House with Fed Chair Jerome Powell and rolled out a plan to combat spiking prices. Biden backed the central bank’s aggressive interest rate hikes, which are aimed at cooling the economy by any means necessary, including inducing a possible recession.

Here’s a clip of Harrison’s recent remarks on Fox News: FoxNews/Youtube

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