Pelosi’s Totally Insane Rant About Joe Biden Proves She’s Off Her Head!


Amid multiple crises plaguing the Biden administration, it seems Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. want to show the world how hypocrite this administration has become for showering Biden with praise. Pelosi has finally gone full-blown bat sh*t crazy.

Jesse Watters of Fox New’s “The Five” blasted Pelosi for praising Biden Wednesday:

“I am old enough to remember when a couple of Republicans were a little praiseworthy of Donald Trump at a cabinet meeting, and … the media framed it as a bunch of suck-ups to a dictator. Mr. ‘Perfect?’ [Biden], of all people … Only in politics do politicians … go around and just kiss each other’s butts [like this],” Watters said.

Wayne Dupree describe the crazy video clip of Pelosi, and it’s the best one:

There’s no other explanation for a crazy clip like this… and yes, I know Nancy has said some pretty nutty things, but calling Joe Biden the best thing to happen to the United States, and saying he’s “perfect” should qualify her for a straight jacket…. immediately.

And that’s what happened in this clip. I gotta say, I don’t know what was more disturbing, what she actually said, or how she said it, while wildly licking her lips and stammering.

I think I watched this 5 times because to me it looks like her lipstick is smeared all over her face, to boot.

Here’s a portion of what Pelosi said at a Democratic National Committee holiday party Tuesday:

“Our country could not be better served than with [Biden’s]… experienced and capable hands … He’s just perfect, the timing couldn’t be better.”

You can watch the video below:

Folks online definitely see what I’m seeing about Pelosi’s speech:

“Pelosi flew over the cuckoo’s nest” 

“If Joe Biden is the answer, what the hell is the question?”

“Does she have two sets of eyebrows”

“She’s either drunk or crazy, or both.”

“What’s with her lip-licking problem?”

“she’s looking more and more like Michael Jackson every day.”

“Her skin is just baaaaarely hanging on.”

“How many eyebrows does that corpse have?”

“Her lipstick is smeared on her face.” 

“My God, we need age limits installed, this is scary” 

We can’t have these old folks turn Congress into a nursing home for the aged.

Source: WayneDupree