Pence’s Right Hand Man Sold Us All Up The River. How He Did It Is Pure Evil!

There are laws on the books that in a lot of states that if you see something bad happening to someone and you don’t at least try to stop it that you can get into trouble.

Mike Pence had people around him that saw how bad the election was being rigged and that they should have been able to stop it. They could have given Trump the second term that he deserved, but they had to cave to the envelope being slid under the door.

On January 6th, 2021 Mike Pence’s political career came to an end because he refused to make sure the presidential election was or was not rigged, whatever the case might be. But according to Peter Navarro, an advisor to President Trump, Pence was aided by his Chief of Staff, Marc Short.

Navarro did not have a single kind word to describe the VP’s Chief of Staff.

Navarro said that Short is incompetent, a failure, and basically not a good guy. Sounds like he is describing a Democrat or an establishment Republican.

In order for the Republican party to survive, we must weed out the establishment Republicans. They have interchangeable parts with the liberals and they believe in going along to get along.

President Trump’s confidant Peter Navarro was on the War Room with Steve Bannon and he shared the following about VP Pence’s Chief of Staff:

You start with Marc Short is a tool of the Koch Brothers. Who are the Koch brothers? They’re worth $50 billion. David died last year but the network lives. The Koch brothers are the biggest anti-MAGA movement in the whole entire Republican Party.

They were dedicated, both in 2016 and 2020, to wipe out President Trump because they love the tax breaks, they love the deregulation, but what they don’t love is everthing for the deplorables, the fair trade, the secure borders and defense spending.

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