Peter Doocy Just Hit Jen Psaki With Something Ajax Won’t Wash Off!


I will never get bored watching Peter Doocy grilled Jen Psaki alive. He’s getting more savage by the day…

We all know tyrant Joe Biden has been abusing his power and screwing people’s lives. Yet the other day, Bumbling Joe screwed up again.

Remember when he shared a story about how he got the Ukraine prosecutor fired for investigating Burisma was so insane. He could have let the legal process take its due but hey, he wanted to use his power to get things done on his own time.

Clearly, he is just bragging about his power and he feeds off scaring people into adoration of what he can do and what he is capable of.

Recently, Joe again shared a story where he used his power for the benefit of his friend. According to Joe, it was taking a long time for his friend’s wife to be seen by a doctor, so Joe picked up the phone and called the hospital himself…

Well, Peter Doocy wanted to know what happened next so he asked Jen about it.

But Jen is known to dodge any issues and will do her best to protect his president or else….fired?

Instead, she rambled on about how unvaccinated people are taking up all the hospital beds, and people who are having heart attacks can’t get in to see the doctor.

That’s another lie. Vaccinated people are making our hospitals busy!

You can watch the whole questioning and answer between Jen and Peter.

That was a brilliant and savage follow-up from Peter.

I’ve noticed lately, that Peter has gotten much more prickly with Jen Psaki.

We need more of a Peter type to dismantle these tyrant liars.

Source: WayneDupree