PICKED ON THE WRONG WOMAN, CREEP: Surveillance Video Shows Woman Beat the CRAP Out of Punk Who Wouldn’t Leave Her Alone on Elevator (SEE THE VIDEO)

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Women are often the victims of molestation and rape. Much of the time it happens in places you would never expect when they are alone. BUT THIS WOMAN isn’t going down without a fight. In fact…HE’S going down!


This creepy dude picked the wrong woman to mess with.

Surveillance video from an elevator in China shows a woman beating up the harasser who wouldn’t leave her alone.

The 34-second clip — which has been widely shared across Chinese social media — shows the man lurking behind the woman as they ride the lift together. When he hovers too closely, she moves to the other side of the elevator — but the creep doesn’t get the hint.

The man again sneaks up behind the woman and places a hand on her shoulder. The fierce lady swats it away and then slaps her overly forward suitor across the face.

A woman caught on an elevator’s security camera beat down a man who wouldn’t leave her alone.

And she’s not done. To make sure the man understands that she’s not interested, the swift-reflexed woman kicks him between the legs twice, sending him falling to the ground.

It’s not clear when or exactly where the video, which was shared by China’s People’s Daily Wednesday, was taken.

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