Pop Open A Bottle And Check Out These 10 Amazing Movies About Wine!


When it comes to movies, there are a handful of themes that often come up. One such theme is wine. Whether you’re an avid oenophile or just like to enjoy the occasional glass with dinner, these ten films will have something for everyone. From romantic comedies to dramas and more, here’s our list of the best wine-themed movies.

“Sideways” (2004) – It’s no surprise that this classic comedy-drama is at the top of our list. Starring Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church as two friends on a road trip through California’s wine country, “Sideways” won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and was nominated for four others including Best Picture. The film follows Miles (Giamatti) and Jack (Church) as they explore vineyards and make new friends along the way while coming to terms with their own lives.

“Bottle Shock”(2008) – This dramedy tells the story of how California wines came to be taken seriously in 1976 when underdog winemaker Jim Barrett (Alan Rickman) entered his Chardonnay into a blind taste test against French competitors and won first place at what would become known as “The Judgement Of Paris”. Directed by Randall Miller, this film stars Rachael Taylor, Chris Pine, Bill Pullman, Freddy Rodriguez and Eliza Dushku among others in supporting roles making it great fun for any wine lover looking for a bit of light entertainment.

“A Good Year”(2006) – Ridley Scott directs this romantic comedy starring Russell Crowe as Max Skinner, a London based investment banker who inherits his uncle Henry’s estate in Provence where he discovers not only good wines but also true love in Marion Cotillard’s Fanny Chenal character . This movie is sure to make viewers laugh out loud while simultaneously being swept away by its beautiful locations in France’s famous wine region set amidst rolling hillsides filled with vineyards –– perfect if you’re looking for something lighthearted yet still full of charm!

“Mondovino”(2004)- Documentary filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter takes us on an engaging journey around the world exploring modern day issues surrounding winemaking culture from Europe all the way to South America in this ambitious project featuring interviews with some of today’s most renowned vintners like Robert Mondavi Jr., Michel Rolland and Pierre Seillan among many others. A must-watch documentary for any serious oenophile interested in learning more about global winemaking trends past present or future!

“A Walk In The Clouds”(1995)- Keanu Reeves stars alongside Aitana Sanchez-Gijon in Alfonso Arau’s romantic drama which sees an American soldier returning from WWII who agrees to help out a woman whose husband has recently died after serving overseas himself by pretending they are married so she can save face amongst her family members living on their vineyard estate located near Napa Valley California USA . A heartwarming story about love sacrifice hope & redemption worthy of anyone’s attention looking for something heartfelt & uplifting on par with Hollywood classics like Casablanca or Gone With The Wind !

“Red Obsession”(2013)- This documentary explores how China’s growing demand for fine Bordeaux has changed global markets worldwide featuring candid conversations between producers vintners & experts alike discussing everything from pricing strategies marketing tactics & geopolitical implications related thereto all while providing spectacular visuals showcasing some truly stunning regions throughout both France & China ! An informative watch ideal if you want insight into one contemporary issue impacting not only today but generations ahead !

“Mondays In The Sun: Los lunes al sol “(2002)- Spanish director Fernando León de Aranoa brings us this dramatic feature following four unemployed dockworkers living together who find solace friendship & camaraderie over bottles shared between them during their idle days off together each week . Featuring Javier Bardem Luis Tosar José Ángel Egido & Enrique Villén delivering strong performances throughout this film paints vivid portraits depicting economic hardships faced during times when little work is available elsewhere making it powerful viewing !

“A Year In Burgundy”(2013)—This documentary follows seven families producing pinot noir chardonnay gamay & sauvignon blanc grapes respectively within Burgundy France over twelve months capturing harvest season preparing barrels bottling labels shipping orders tasting notes festivals terroir geology climate changes etcetera allowing viewers access into one unique microcosm found nowhere else across planet Earth worth experiencing first hand like never before !

“Wine Country”(2019)—Amy Poehler directs/stars alongside Tina Fey Maya Rudolph Rachel Dratch Ana Gasteyer Paula Pell Emily Spivey Jason Schwartzman Cherry Jones James Marsden Caitlin McGee plus other talented actors too numerous to mention here however all combine forces magnificently resulting great laughs memorable moments fantastic costumes picturesque scenery amazing music etcetera helping create enjoyable cinematic experience made even better through Netflix availability making Wine Country must watch anytime anywhere especially since 2020 saw multiple closures due COVID-19 pandemic depriving patrons experiences similarly created theatres thus far !!

“Le Vieux Fusil ”(1975)—Roland Joffé directed/wrote Le Vieux Fusil otherwise known English translation Old Gun released 1975 centers Robert Lachenay played Phillipe Noiret grieving loss wife murdered Nazis promising revenge meanwhile drinking copious amounts vintage burdeaux keeping audience engaged until climax arrives leading realization Lachenay hired gun gunman traveling same paths ultimately discovering truth behind tragic events leads him back home again where hopefully justice served enabling closure move forward life albeit bittersweet !!

So there you have it—ten terrific films every wine lover should watch! Whether you’re a fan of documentaries or prefer dramas that tackle social issues head-on, we’ve got something here suitable just about everyone! So grab your favorite bottle or two from your nearest store and settle down with these excellent choices—you won’t regret it!