POWERFUL MOMENT!!: 92-Year-Old WWII Vet Flies Iconic Spitfire 70 Years Later…And It Couldn’t Be More Beautiful!

Buzzworthy Military

Joy Lofthouse, 92, of Gloucestershire, UK, was one of fewer than 200 pilots with the Air Transport Auxiliary during World War II. She trained on 38 separate aircraft but had a special affinity for the Spitfire. In 2011, she described her and her fellow pilots’ preference for the planes, “They all say we’d have given our right arm to fly a Spitfire.”

In 2015, the retired teacher got a chance to pilot the iconic aircraft once more to commemorate the 70 year anniversary of Germany’s surrender. Ms. Lofthouse told the BBC after her flight, “I’m so lucky to be given a chance to fly in it again.”

Reunions and commemorations like these are just some of the many ways our returning veterans can know they are remembered. Pledge your support for our vets by signing this petition.


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