You have to love it when you see someone say that they are going to do something and then do it.

There is a certain something to someone delivering on a promise no matter what. Take a look at what happened when Kennedy said we were going to land a man on the moon in ten years.

We ended up doing it. Donald Trump is cut from that type of cloth in that when he says something is going to happen that it ends up getting done.

Promises made and promises kept is a great slogan to represent President Donald Trump and his stellar track record of producing good news accurately.

President Trump Reveals Good News

On Monday, two New York health care workers were given the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

President Trump was mocked and basically called a liar when he said the vaccine would be ready by the end of 2020. Well, once again the president pulled through despite the fake news media declaring his failure of producing a vaccine for many months.

President Trump released a video saying “I have really good news.”


“Today our nation has received a medical miracle, he continued. “We have delivered a safe and effective vaccine in just nine months.”

Vaccine Promise Made and Kept

President Trump took time to thank the doctors and scientists who had a role to play in creating the vaccine.

“These vaccines are also very safe. American citizens participated in clinical trials that were far larger than normal,” President Trump said.

Over $14 billion was provided by the Trump administration for vaccine development.

On May 15, NBC News provided a “fact check” and said that President Trump’s claim of having a vaccine ready by the end of the year was ridiculous. The fact check article quoted Emory professor Dr. Walter Orenstein saying “a lot of things could go wrong.” Another said a vaccine in a minimum of 12 months was only doable under the “best of circumstances.”

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