President Trump Spent His Thanksgiving WORKING For Americans, What He Did Is TRULY INCREDIBLE

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In the months leading up to this election, we saw multiple businesses either pack their bags and outright move out of the United States or tell us the move was about to happen.

While most politicians were stuffing their faces full of turkey, the president-elect was working the phones trying to keep jobs in this country by reaching out to Carrier AC…

This is significant as it was one of the major announcements that happened just as the election season was really heating up.

In February of this year, Carrier held a meeting that was videod and posted on YouTube by an employee of the company.

They were brought in and told as a group the company was leaving for Mexico.

1,400 people had their insides turned out with one sentence, and that single moment defined one of the biggest problems we have in this country… businesses simply cannot afford to do business in America. And I don’t fault them—I fault our system. The way these companies are taxed simply does not make sense.

When you make it more effective for them to leave the United States, build a plant in another country, then ship the products back here for sale with tariffs, there is something horribly wrong with the system.

However, at least up until now, our representatives did not care. They were all getting their piece of the pie be it in political campaign donations, perks, or influence that had them putting the American people on the backburner and their bank account to the front.

To this point, everything Trump has done leads me to believe the entire system is about to change. We will get these companies back because it will finally be fiscally feasible for them to do business on American soil.

However, with that change will come some very upset establishment politicians who will try to stop him. And I can assure you, the loudest voices will be those who are more deeply entrenched in the swamp.


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