President Trump Took A Loud Mouth Reporter And Totally Destroyed Him!


Former President Trump was told by the Liberals to claim that the “BIG LIE” never happened.

Well, what will they do when all of the ballots in all of the states have been forensically counted?

Yesterday, President Trump visited South Texas to see the devastation that the Obama/Biden administration’s policy of opening the Southern Border had created. It’s a complete disaster. Anyone with eyes can see what’s going on.

Far-left activist Jorge Ramos tried to persuade Trump, to deny the Big Lie that the Obama/Biden gang did not steal the election. The Big Lie is the terrible fraud that Joe Biden won the 2020 Election.

According to the Palmieri Report:

Ramos bragged about his encounter with President Trump on his Twitter account saying:

“In South Texas I asked former president Donald Trump if he was ready to accept publicly that he lost the election.

-“We won the election”, he insisted.

-“No”, I told him, “you lost the electoral college”.

Then he turned away and didn’t want to answer more questions.”

Ironically, Ramos tweeted this right after the above tweet – he’s not really bright:

“Pew: Trump got 38% of the Latino vote in 2020 in comparison to 28% in 2016.

Pew: Trump obtuvo el 38% del voto Latino el 2020 superando el 28% que obtuvo en 2016.

We Just Got Our Clearest Picture Yet Of How Biden Won In 2020 : NPR”

Here is the Transcript between Mr. Trump and Ramos:

RAMOS: Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump! We have a question… Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump, are you going to recognize, finally, that you lost the election? Mr. Trump, are you going to recognize, finally, that you lost the election?

TRUMP: We won the election.

RAMOS: No, you lost the election. You lost the electoral college. When are you going to recognize that?

EVENT STAFF: (unintelligible)

RAMOS: I’m a journalist! I have a…

EVENT STAFF: I know, that’s right, but the bus for the journalists is over here, this way.

Only after they removed all prominent conservatives from their platform, Twitter is becoming a haven for far-left nuts. It’s no surprise that it’s crumbling and losing value as users seek for alternative sites with more features and no censorship.

Watch it here: MRCTV/MRCTV

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