These Puppies Were Found Stuck On A Path By Hot Tar… And It’s Not The First Time

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Animal activists have released shocking photos after a group of puppies were discovered covered in hot tar and stuck solid on a dirt path. The helpless puppies were discovered just in time on one of the hottest days of the year. They were taken in a critical condition to a vet and are currently recovering, though they may not survive. 

The Sky Foundation for Animal Rights
This is the second case of puppies in the city being found covered in tar. Last month two dogs, Ada and Ava, were rescued from the same fate. Founder of The Sky Foundation for Animal Rights, Cătălin Pavaliu, believes that it was done by the same person.

Sorin Puiu. the vet who is caring for the dogs and cut them free under anaesthetic said:

“One of them had a particularly tough time. He had his left eye, his nose and his mouth all covered in tar. We could really use some kind of animal police institution right now.”

During the incident last month, a police officer reportedly said that he had no intention of “wasting his time” to find the culprit.

The Sky Foundation for Animal Rights
Animal welfare is an issue in Romania. The charity Paws2Rescue says that tortured or starving dogs are discovered every day in the country. In a recent case, all four legs of a dog were hacked off by a teenage boy. Another dog suffered a blood clot after dog catchers shot it with a nail gun, while one puppy was found buried alive in a freezer with the bodies of other puppies.


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