Putin Discovers Easy Way To Humiliate Madonna And Rest Of Hollywood’s Anti-Trump Brigade

Liberal Agenda Politics

Democrats claim Russian interference but are now silent as evidence of the same offense pops up in their own party.

Think back to the awkward times at the women’s march where Madonna and Ashley Judd made obscene gestures in front of thousands while claiming feminist ideals that directly defy the current President. Democrats claim the Russianhas been interfering in conservative politics yet evidence now supports the exact same accusation but towards the Democratic Party as it turns out the Russia was involved in pushing the liberal agenda for the women’s march, the very same march where they claimed this occurrence in regards to Trump. The irony is downright hysterical from an outside point of view.

Via Liberty Writers:

Well, as it turns out, Putin and his army of trolls were involved in pushing that march.

Examples of posts that came from Russia that duped the liberals hook, line, and sinker, and promoted liberal causes not conservative causes are below. And they are devastating.

One post shared by Women’s March’s South Carolina branch read: “I need feminism because my 12-year-old sisters already cares about how much she eats.”

Another said, “We fight to achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women!.”

Democrats have been found guilty of the very same rhetoric they accuse republicans of, yet remain eerily silent when being accused themselves. Guilty conscience?

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