RACE WAR – Black Man Tries To Throw White Men In Front Of Oncoming NY Subway Train: “I Hate White People!”

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And then another white man was similarly attacked by a different black man just hours later.

Excerpted From The NY Post: A subway rider was shoved toward the tracks in Harlem by aman who said he hates “white people” — and hours later, a train operator was the victim of a similar attack in lower Manhattan, police sources said.

The terrifying assaults come amid a rash of pushing, jumping and falling incidents in the subway system that has officials exploring the addition of barriers on platforms.

Gary Weeks, 51, who is black, approached a 28-year-old white man as he was waiting on the northbound 4 train platform at 125th Street around 1 p.m. Monday and and allegedly said: “I don’t like white people,” police sources said.

Weeks then grabbed the victim and tried to shove him onto the tracks, the sources said.

The man was able to break away from the attacker, with the aid of a good Samaritan, and called for help. Keep reading

Excerpted From The Daily Caller: A black man attacked a white man in a New York City subway Wednesday, attempting to shove him into the path of a train while shouting “I hate white people,” police sources tell local media.

A 51-year-old black male named Gary Weeks reportedly confronted a 28-year-old white man at a subway station. Weeks then tried to push the man on the tracks, anonymous police sources recounted to the New York Daily News.

Weeks was arrested and charged with attempted murder and a hate crime, but not before spitting in a police officers’ face, according to the New York Post. This attack comes after another subway attack earlier this month, in which a Queens woman was pushed in front of a subway train car and killed. Keep reading

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