Rat Caught On Camera Biting Premature Baby In Incubator


A newborn baby who was just a few hours old was bitten by a large rat who crawled in his incubator. 

Nurses, who placed the tiny premature baby in a protective crib weren’t alerted to the rat until the newborn began screaming. The shocking footage was captured at the Western Regional Hospital in Belize, and it shows the rat rummaging around the empty incubator as hospital workers try to capture it. 

The Hospital administrator, Bernadette Seaver told Belize Channel 5 News, “It is unfortunate this situation happened and we regret that it happened to this child. We hope it would never happen again.”

The hospital guesses the the rat may have come in through the vent for the AC outlet. They have been under fire recently for a plague of rats that have taken over the hospital’s pantry, and the pantry has since been shut down and a new food storage unit was built. 

Seaver continued saying, “We’ve had a provisional company come in and help us. It has drastically reduced the population and we have taken measures where we have removed all foods that were kept on wards after patients have eaten.”

The baby has since been discharged, and has a clean bill of health. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Seven News/YouTube]

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