DID SHE REALLY JUST GO THERE? What Rosie Said About Donald Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son Is SICK….AND PEOPLE ARE PI$$ED!

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Rosie O’Donnell tweeted out a video which speculated that Trump’s 10-year old son with wife Melanie is on the autism spectrum.


“Barron Trump Autistic?” O’Donnell tweeted. “[I]f so, what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”



Here how people responded:


O’Donnell would later defend her tweet, saying that there’s “no shame at all” in having autism!



0 thoughts on “DID SHE REALLY JUST GO THERE? What Rosie Said About Donald Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son Is SICK….AND PEOPLE ARE PI$$ED!

  1. Rosay, worry about your own afflictions. Obesity and chronic diarrhea of the mouth. By the way, are your fuckin bags packed yet?

  2. You disgust more than half of America. Get the hint, you are not welcomed here or in the business of President Trump! You are a pig to shame a child like this!! If it is true it is up to him and his parents to out it, not you pig face!!

  3. rosie…..to me you look like a fatass dyke! I’ll bet there’s millions like me that would agree!

  4. THAT LITTLE BOY JUST SEEMED LIKE A NORMAL CHILD.A LITTLE BOY IN A SUIT WHO WOULD RATHER BE DOING anything else by standing quietly and getting stared at.HE was probably bored out of his mind!!! And he didn’t seem autistic to me even if he is doesn’t mean he isn’t extremely intelligent.I have an autistic son and grandson!!! Some of the sweetest most caring human beings on the planet!yes she needs to leave the us!

  5. Attacking children is not fair play unless you want your children under attack also. Is that what your asking for? Maybe you should take care of your “obesity and chronic diarrhea of the mouth” before attacking anyone. You deserve NO respect after your tweet about Barron Trump. Hope you’re packed and waiting for your bus.

  6. Used to love your acting now as im a mom with special needs children and nephew i am so disgusted with you. Special needs kids didnt ask for their limitations dont drag them into your dislike of the outcome of the political issues you have.

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