Report Reveals Absolute Panic Is Engulfing The White House!


On Wednesday, Virginia Republicans completed a sweep of down-ballot statewide offices, with victories for attorney general and lieutenant governor, including the first Black woman ever to be elected statewide in the commonwealth.

Biden and Harris have too much confidence in winning Virginia that they even made a prophecy that the Virginia gubernatorial election would be an easy victory, and now it’s haunting them back.

The wins echoed the Democrats’ defeat in the race for governor and marked a dramatic turnaround in a state where the GOP had not won a statewide race since 2009.

For Democrats, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s loss could illustrate what Democrats should not do in 2022. McAuliffe garnered criticism for invoking Trump on a constant basis during the campaign, leading many to question why he was focused on a figure who was no longer in office.

Democrats argued that the former president was unpopular in the state, having lost in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. However, it appeared that the strategy was not successful with most voters, who said kitchen table issues like the economy and education were a priority for them.

McAuliffe’s strategy opened the door for criticism from Republicans, including Trump.

What happened in Virginia and New Jersey will absolutely define what happens to the White House in the future.

Republicans won a massive upset victory in Virginia and came within inches of pulling off another colossal upset in New Jersey.

If what happened on Tuesday is to predict the results of 2022 and 2024 then the White House can expect to take a beating in heavily blue states which it assumed it would not even need to worry about.

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The blow to morale in the White House is not the only damage done; Democrats will now be forced to agonize over future races in states which they had assumed would be safe victories.

The party will either have to spread its resources thin to bolster support in similar blue states or it will risk repeats of Virginia and New Jersey in those states.

Smart Republicans are now aware that these states are not nearly as securely Democratic as both parties had believed them to be and that Glenn Youngkin has found a winning strategy for winning victories there.

Biden and Harris both already have mediocre approval ratings, a fact which presents two looming crises for the Democrats. Firstly, the results Tuesday show that Biden’s low approval ratings do indeed translate into electoral defeats for his party.

Secondly, if the party had any intention of having Kamala Harris take the president’s place in 2024 those hopes must now be disappearing. Harris campaigned extensively in Virginia and seems to have done much more harm than good for her candidate.

More than simply giving up a key gubernatorial race, the White House has allowed Republicans to reclaim the momentum they needed after 2020.

Most presidents see their party take losses in midterm elections. Few presidents see their own words amplify the significance of such a humiliating defeat so early in the four-year term.

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