The Democrat Party’s policies are full of contradictions.

Take illegal immigration, for example, on which they take a soft stance, and contrast it with their disdain for corporations that pay low wages. Don’t they realize flooding the country with illegals pushes wages down?

It only makes sense when you realize the end goal. They don’t see the country being flooded with illegals – they see it being flooded with future Democrat voters.

Need any more evidence? Just look at how they’re rushing to exploit non-citizen Latinos ahead of the next election.

As the Washington Examiner reported:

The Service Employees International Union is teaming up with four Latino advocacy organizations and a key House Democrat to convert as many of the 5 million Latino permanent residents into U.S. citizens and voters as possible before Election Day.

Leading the charge is Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., who said Thursday that he believes the “stand up to hate” push can get 1 million of those Latinos naturalized by May, which would see them become citizens in time to register for the presidential election.

The campaign’s mantra is “Naturalize. Register. Vote.”

The hope? That some of Trump’s controversial comments come back to bite him.

Gutierrez advised Latinos to “get angry” over the anti-immigrant rhetoric emanating from Republican presidential candidates “then naturalize, register and vote.”

“Can you believe calling all Mexicans rapists?” he asked during a conference call announcing the New American Democracy Campaign, referring to controversial comments made by real estate mogul and former reality TV star Donald Trump. “Banning all people of one religion from the United States?”

If this is how they’ll exploit non-citizens for their own political purposes, it goes to prove that calls for amnesty are both possible and probable.

That’s why securing our borders is so important.

While illegal immigration pushes wages down for working Americans and puts many out of work, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If we truly want to keep government small, a secure border is necessary.

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