Ron DeSantis Just Went Live And Told Biden, “Don’t Even Think About It!”


State and local governments must stand united to fight against the battle of global fascism being implemented  – and should begin with principles of Federalism.

With the negligible abilities to affect wholly corrupted national politics, the changes must be made locally and spread upward, not the other way around.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vowed to defy any of the unconstitutional rule-making being undertaken by Democrats in Congress today, such as H.R.1. Somehow, H.R.1 gained some traction in Congress. “In Florida, we would not abide by” HR1, if Democrats passed it in Congress. “It is flatly unconstitutional.”  According to Governor Ron DeSantis in the later part of the interview with Tucker Carlson.

Securing the border and stopping the crisis that he clearly attributes to the Biden Regime. He discussed what he would prioritize as president during the interview on Tucker Carlson Today.

“We’ve got to get this immigration situation under control” – Governor DeSantis said during the interview.

Watch it here: Fox News

Sources: 100percentfedup, Fox News