Schumer Has Been CAUGHT In His Sneakiest Plot Yet…


Everything Schumer was doing about their so-called “election reform,” is no reform at all. It’s all about Dems getting MORE POWER in this coming election.

Aside from the truth that this bill is a communist takeover of elections, well, it goes beyond that. Chuck Schumer doesn’t give a rip about the bill or the filibuster, he’s just putting on a big ol’ show right now, hoping to stave off a primary attack from AOC.

All Chuck wants is to look like a “great guy,” in the eyes of the public as well as to the radical left-wing who are supporting this measure. He pretends to be fighting for so-called “voting rights so these left-wing zealots will leave him alone.

Chuck is hoping it’ll diminish AOC’s chances of taking him down in a primary challenge.

Yeah, fat chance, buddy. 

It was yesterday when Tom Cotton outed Chuck’s plot, and today, we’ve got even more detail.

Here’s the latest insight comes from Journalist “Shipwreck.” Here’s what he said:

I hope Chuck Schumer lives long enough to write his political memoirs. He’s too shrewd a politician to force his members to take a position on divisive political issues when he’s doomed to fail. He’s doing this because he’s been given no choice behind the scenes.

The pressure has got to be coming from his left, and the threat is said — by Sen. Tom Cotton — to be a primary challenge from super-woke AOC. The day is rapidly approaching when she would need to declare, but the money would come flooding in for her.

Schumer’s campaign pockets are deep on Wall Street, but if Bernie and Fauxcahontas line up behind her, he’s going to have to beat-back the entire progressive left of the NY Dem. party. Better to sacrifice a Kelly, a Warnock, a Cortez Masto, or a Hassan than to fight off AOC.

But the question I want answered is where Dick Durbin stands on all this? Don’t lose sight of the fact that Durbin was next-in-line after Harry Reid to be Dem. Leader in the Senate. Schumer muscled past him following Trump’s win in 2016 because he could raise more money.

Dubin was elected to the Senate two years earlier than Schumer, and Dem. Leader Daschle put him in line to be leader after Harry Reid Durbin is significantly farther to the left than is Schumer. Durbin is ideologically in line with AOC and the progressives.

So, just how upset is Durbin really that Schumer is being strung up by his thumbs by AOC and the progressives? I think he’s not losing sleep over it. Good riddance.

Chuck Schumer’s political journey will end sooner than we expected, I just really hope he lives long enough to write his political memoirs.

Pretty interesting, right?

When you really drill down and see what’s actually going on, it reveals so much about how truly crappy our government is. As a matter of fact, this whole thing is political theatre, and nobody called it out better than Sean Davis, the editor of The Federalist.

Here’s what Sean said:

“Classic failure theater. Schumer gets to pretend he’s trying really hard to pass something crazy libs want so he can avoid an AOC primary. McConnell gets to pretend he’s stopping something that wasn’t going to pass anyway. And Manchin gets to pretend to be a moderate.”

Wayne Dupree concluded:

It’s amazing to see. Our worthless politicians are never really fighting for us, even when they pretend they are. It’s all a big con.

And no matter what, it’s all about them. This is yet another reason we need term limits. These career politicians are killing this country and destroying the American people.

Source: WayneDupree