Senator Hawley Just Took The Disney Fight To The Next Level!


If there’s one term that sums up Republican policy thinking over the past year or so, it’s one-upmanship.

And one of the ‘True Conservatives’  whose been on crusade with woke Disney in order to protect the children of his state is Governor DeSantis of Florida.

At both the state and federal level, GOP elected officials have sought to outdo one another at pursuing their preferred goals of outlawing abortion, cracking down on what they see as “critical race theory” in schools, and removing books on LGBTQ issues from libraries. Some are trying to be the true Scotsmen of American movement conservatism. Others seem to be burnishing their credentials in anticipation of running for higher office.

The fight against these children’s groomers is no longer a one-man fight because Senator Josh Hawley, considered by many to be a conservative firebrand has started working on an agenda that would hit Disney where it hurts the most. It’s intellectual property protection.

On Tuesday, Hawley introduced the Copyright Clause Restoration Act, a brief three-page bill that would have serious implications for some corporate-held copyrights if enacted.

Under current law, companies like Disney hold their copyrights for created works for 95 years after publication or 120 years after creation, whichever is shorter. Hawley’s bill would chop that period down to a maximum of 54 years for new works. As The Verge’s Sarah Jeong noted when discussing the bill, that number appears to be taken from the Copyright Act of 1909.

More details of this report from Trending Politics:

Disney has since lost billions in stock value as conservative consumers stop buying its products and fearful investors sell its shares.

And now Sen. Josh Hawley, one of the best MAGA populists in the Senate, is introducing a bill that would end Disney’s time of special privileges at the federal level by letting the woke company’s copyright protection finally lapse.

That’s a big deal: since the mouse became famous, Disney has received copyright protection, with Congress extending the time period during which a copyright can last so that Disney’s material never becomes public use. In fact, thanks to the old law, known to some as the “Mickey Mouse Protection Act,” Congress has extended copyrights to corporations for up to 120 years, protecting all Disney has done and making its works far more valuable and profitable.

WLT further commented:

It is astounding to realize the number of special privileges Disney has been afforded. Forcing a woke agenda upon the majority of American families who don’t want it was a very poor business decision.

The fact the copyright protection act is nicknamed after the company shows just how much the United States has bent over backward to accommodate them. That could all end if this legislation passes. And why shouldn’t it? Especially considering the way the company has cozied up to China in furthering its propaganda.

Since this has been happening, Disney is experiencing its biggest drop in the stock price in 47 years.

If Senator Hawley is able to push through his plans on the federal level, it could trigger a bankruptcy-level event for the Mickey Mouse empire. Check out some of the tweets he’s released on the subject.

Sources: WLT, Trending Politics