She Called 911 Saying She Was On Fire, And She Ended Up In Handcuffs….


An intoxicated Ohio woman faces felony charges after a bizarre 911 call in which she falsely claimed her nether regions were on fire, wasting public resources and leading to a confrontation with law enforcement.

The 50-year-old woman from Port Clinton, Ohio, has been apprehended and slapped with a felony charge following a rather peculiar 911 call. The woman in question, Katrina Morgan, dialed up emergency services, claiming that her nether regions were ablaze and desperately needed immediate assistance to extinguish the inferno.

The Port Clinton Police Department reported that during her call, Morgan used explicit language to describe her situation, urging them to send help to her friend’s residence on the 900 block of Maryland Street in Port Clinton, where she said the inferno was supposedly raging.

In response to her frantic call, law enforcement officers were dispatched to the specified address, expecting a medical emergency. However, their seriousness quickly turned to disbelief and frustration when they discovered Morgan in perfectly good health, with no signs of any bodily fires. Realizing they had been duped, the officers informed Morgan she would be arrested for her false claim, which wasted public service resources and disrupted their ability to attend to real emergencies.

But the plot thickened as the infuriated Morgan, now facing arrest, resisted, becoming increasingly agitated as reported by the Port Clinton News Herald. A strange 911 call had spiraled into a full-fledged confrontation with law enforcement.

During her initial emergency call, Morgan had inquired whether their “hose is working,” before requesting someone to “come put it out with their hose.” While this could be interpreted literally, it becomes clear from her choice of words that Morgan may not have been seeking a fire extinguisher but rather the company of a male firefighter. Her explicit reference to a “hose” could indeed be a euphemism for male genitalia, although this assertion remains speculative.

Despite her refusal to cooperate, officers managed to handcuff an increasingly agitated Morgan. She continued to berate the officers, ignoring their instructions, until they were forced to threaten the use of a stun gun. With the threat of a taser, Morgan seemed to grasp the gravity of her situation, complying with the officers and entering the police vehicle without further resistance.

But Morgan’s peculiar tale didn’t end there. Officers also interviewed the other occupants of the residence, who all denied any knowledge of Morgan’s phone call. However, the police found evidence that suggested Morgan may not have been acting alone.

The house was littered with empty alcohol bottles, and all occupants confessed to having been drinking, admitting that Morgan was also inebriated during her visit.

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Source: AWM