She Got Fired For Being Pregnant, And They Were Forced To Pay Up BIG…


Anna McKnight always envisioned a fulfilling life in both her personal and professional spheres. As a 28-year-old restaurant manager at a trendy tapas spot, she felt successful in her career. The icing on the cake came when she found out she was pregnant, a cherished dream she and her partner had been pursuing for quite a while.

Unable to contain her excitement, Anna eagerly shared her delightful news with her boss and coworkers. However, instead of celebrating with her, her boss reacted coldly and indifferently. He gradually took her off scheduled shifts and eventually fired her, blaming the physical changes Anna was experiencing due to her pregnancy.

To make matters worse, her boss texted her “no hard feelings” after she told him she was pregnant. Heartbroken and betrayed, Anna decided to sue her former boss and the restaurant. Her determination paid off, and she won the case, receiving over $17,000.

Following her pregnancy announcement, Anna felt isolated by her boss. As she coped with morning sickness and other typical pregnancy symptoms, her work hours were cut, and she was given fewer chances to demonstrate her abilities.

When the human resources department informed her that her employment had been terminated, Anna felt “surprised and upset.” She knew her pregnancy was the reason she lost the job she’d worked so hard for. Her ex-boss, Jonny Carruthers, tried to rationalize the dismissal via a WhatsApp message, insisting there were “no hard feelings” and that the decision was inevitable, though he didn’t provide a clear explanation.

Refusing to give up, Anna filed a lawsuit against the tapas restaurant in Greenock, claiming she was a victim of pregnancy discrimination and unjust termination due to her pregnancy. Her persistence led to victory in court, and she was awarded nearly $20,000 in damages.

Now the proud mom of five-month-old Goldie, Anna feels her fight for justice was worth it. She received over $17,000 from her court triumph, a sum acknowledging the underhanded termination of her employment. In light of her victory, Anna is speaking out against the negative attitudes toward maternity leave and advocating for an end to such prejudiced practices. She insists that companies should not be allowed to treat women this way.

Before her dismissal, Anna had worked at the Fenwick 47 tapas restaurant as an assistant manager since December 2021. A model employee, she always put customer satisfaction first and carried out her duties conscientiously. The tribunal in Glasgow listened to Anna’s testimony and concurred that she had been wrongfully fired just for being pregnant.

Anna’s maternity leave was originally planned for August 2022. However, her untimely termination in February 2022 brought those plans to a sudden halt. The tribunal report mentioned that Anna had experienced pain and sickness connected to her pregnancy but had been honest with Mr. Carruthers about her situation. Despite her symptoms not being constant, she had managed to work her usual hours.

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