She Had Sex With SEVEN HUNDRED MEN, She Said Her Biggest Regret Was….


Belinda “Love” Rygier, a former contestant on The Bachelor, had struggled with sex addiction for years. During the depths of her addiction, she slept with more than seven hundred men, finding little joy in the act of having sex with random strangers. She would often prowl the grocery store looking for people to hook up with.

Unfortunately, Rygier hit rock bottom during one of her sexual encounters when her partner turned violent and threatened her life. When she finally came to terms with the fact that she was a sex addict, she sought help and is now reformed.

“I was never self-aware. The minute I was out, I was like, ‘Where’s a hot guy?’ Sex is the only addiction I fell for because it was making me feel loved. Love is really what I lacked in my life,” Rygier explained.

The violent episode made Rygier question her lifestyle. She also took a deeper look at the emotions driving her behavior and how she viewed love and sex.

“That was my turning point. I thought, ‘I have to help myself.’ That’s where the journey began, and it was a very quick transformation. Once you decide [to change], it happens very quickly,” she added.

Now, Rygier teaches and assists other sex addicts through various empowerment “bootcamps” that she runs. She began counseling other people and educating others about sex and sex addiction.

“Having a coach that called me out and held me accountable made me dig deep. I didn’t even know I had sex addiction until I healed my trauma,” she said.

Despite her progress, Rygier’s biggest regret was being a “mistress” of married men. She found it thrilling that a man was “willing to ruin his marriage to be with me.”

“That is one thing I am not proud of. When things are driving you so badly, you’re willing to hurt other people. That was probably my lowest point,” she confessed.

The former sex addict’s past experiences have now become a source of inspiration for her, as she helps others recover from their addictions. Through her own experiences, Rygier has become a beacon of hope for those struggling with sex addiction, offering them guidance and support as they try to overcome their own demons.

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Source: AWM