She Posted A Selfie In The Bathroom And Had To Take It Down Immediately After Noticing One Key Detail…


Well, that has to be embarrassing!

22-year-old Shannon Butt, from Gloucestershire, UK, did what a lot of people do when they take a nice picture of themselves – she shared it online.

She posted a pic to Instagram from the bathroom, but then noticed something quite cheeky in the background. Shannon posed for a snap in a cap and sunglasses and shared it on social media before realizing she had captured far more than she intended.

Upon closer look noticed the reflection of her boyfriend wiping his bum in the toilet. She left the picture on Instagram for around 30 minutes before realizing it and then quickly deleting the snap.

Photo Credit: De Supremo TV

It seems crazy she didn’t notice it sooner, right? Shannon said it wasn’t until after it was already live on Instagram that she and her friend realized that something wasn’t quite right.

“I was with my friend and we both immediately started crying laughing [when we noticed it] and I was like omg I need to delete it,” she said. “Then I mentioned it in the group chat and my friend was like you have to put that on Twitter, it will be hilarious.”

After her friends encouraged her to share the hilarious photo on Twitter – and after asking her boyfriend Henry if he minded – Shannon did just that.

Henry’s arse made its Twitter debut on May 26, and the post generated more than 100,000 likes in just a day.

Captioning the photo, Shannon wrote: “As if I had this photo up on my insta for 37 minutes before noticing that my boyfriend is literally WIPING HIS ARSE in the mirror behind me, sound asf x”

Photo Credit: De Supremo TV
Among the hundreds of comments on the now viral tweet, one question, in particular, was asked why on earth was Shannon taking a picture while Henry was having a poop?

Shannon explained:

“I was in [the bathroom] first and he came in and I was like, ‘babe I’m taking a picture’, and he just carried on so, I just took the picture without thinking anything of it and left.”

“I didn’t even upload the picture straight away; I left it a few days and thought, ‘ahh that’s a nice photo, I’ll put it on’, without even realising he was in the background.”

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