She Posted Some Photos After Giving Birth To Twins, What People Did To Her Is Beyond All….


Every woman has her own struggles, especially about their body. The case of these worries went up high after giving birth. They feel the pressure to bounce back as their pre-pregnancy body and expect it immediately.

One fitness fanatic mom has learned to love her body again after giving birth to twins left her with a cesarean-section scar and excess skin. In fact, some harshly criticized her body after sharing it online, “That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.”

As a health and fitness coach, Kylee Austin, 30, from Gilbert, Arizona, was used to being in control of her body. But after giving birth to twins Kayden and Keegan by C-section, Kylee struggled to regain her former toned tummy and found the scars and excess skin on her stomach difficult to accept.

Now, Kylee is reclaiming her body – and encouraging other moms to do the same, sharing her story online to show the real side of pregnancy and having kids. While many people supported Austin’s journey to self-acceptance, a horde of haters started attacking her with their horrible words. Her “twin-bump” photos got attacked most of all.

“Oh no, I cannot believe you put that on social media,” one troll wrote while another added, “That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.”

“Embrace your natural, true self. You are all beautiful.”

“She’s still very fit and trim. It’s just a little skin. Nothing to be ashamed about!! Be proud you carried those twins full term!!”

“I think she looks still damn hot. My opinion is that is what you call a hot mom. Much love to her from Germany. I hope she’s gonna read this comment. You are still damn hot.”

“She can always get plastic surgery down the line if she wants to. Nothing wrong with that.”

Not every woman realizes that every woman’s postpartum journey is unique as their own, so you can not compare your own postpartum journey to others. Sometimes you got slow weight loss, stretch marks, scars, loose skin, and sometimes all in one. All of those can trigger insecurities that they are not doing it right and self-consciousness that is exacerbated by the lack of representation of various postpartum bodies in the media and in society.

The beauty of a mother’s experience is not something you should be ashamed of…In fact, it is something worth celebrating for there is life in every mother’s tummy.

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Source: AWM