She Pulled Over To Fix A Flat Tire, Then She Heard A Noise Coming From Behind Her…


It’s always a blessing to see some dedicated police officers that go above and beyond. Now, another story about a kind officer has come out and it is warming our hearts! The story was shared by a woman named Caryl Soucy.

It all started one morning right after Soucy had just dropped off her son at school. She was driving away when she heard her tire go flat, so she stopped the car as soon as she could and pulled into a vacant parking lot.

“I pulled out the worst jack on earth and my T-bar and tried to start changing my tire,” Soucy wrote in a social media post.

That’s when her day would completely change when she least expected it. A car pulled in beside her out of the blue.

While struggling with the repair and inadequate tools, Officer Clark tapped her on the shoulder and said he would take over from there. She didn’t see him coming and hadn’t called for help, but he didn’t hesitate to get right in there and take over where she desperately needed someone to.

“He didn’t even ask if I needed help or what happened, he just started helping me,” said the impressed mother who has never experienced such an act of simple kindness as this from a complete stranger. “He changed my flat faster than I’ve ever seen someone change one and considering the tools I had for him to work with, it was quite impressive.”

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In a matter of minutes, her day was made better simply because the cop happened to pass by at the right time and saw an opportunity to do something for someone else when most wouldn’t bother with other people’s problems.

Soucy was so moved by what Officer Clark did that she took a picture of him and posted it on social media. She hopes that her story will remind others just how easy it is to make someone’s day.

Please share this around so that he will know what his kindness and compassion meant to me,” Soucy said. “And also so others in our community can see that there are many good cops out there protecting and serving our community. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Officer Clark!” Soucy wrote in her post, hoping to inspire others to appreciate and respect our officers as well as bless someone’s day if they can.

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