She Was A Famous Model, But After Decades Of Surgeries She Is Completely Unrecognizable…


Katie Price, the famous British model, has recently undergone yet another breast augmentation surgery, her sixteenth since her first plastic surgery back in 1998. Her obsession with plastic surgery has caused doctors to warn her that if she continues down this path, she could end up hunchbacked. Katie Price has spent an estimated $150,000 on her body transformation over the years, and her looks have drastically changed compared to her modeling days in the 1990s.

Price recently had her breasts enlarged in Thailand in an attempt to get the “biggest” breasts “in Britain.” However, this plastic surgery obsession has been taking a toll on her body, warns Dr. John Skevofilax. He cautions that she could end up with a droopy face or weakened chest tissue if she does not stop undergoing these procedures.

The frequency of Price’s plastic surgery visits has been increasing in recent years, with her undergoing a breast augmentation or other boob job every year since 2019. Dr. Skevofilax warns that repeated surgeries on the same area can be increasingly difficult for the body. It is recommended that each patient should have six to twelve months between procedures, to allow the body enough time to heal, but Price has been undergoing the surgeries continuously, putting a “grueling” toll on her body.

The doctor notes that the tissue of Price’s chest could weaken, and her implants could start “popping out” of the wound due to her numerous surgeries. “Whenever you go bigger, the skin is being stretched out, and then when you decide to go smaller, you need to remove the skin,” he explained. “That causes problems because that affects not only the tissue of the skin but the nipple-areolar complex.”

Katie Price first became addicted to boob jobs in 1998 when she underwent her first surgery, increasing her cup size from B to C. After undergoing repeated surgeries, she reached cup size G in 2006. While Price has undergone multiple boob jobs over her lifetime, Dr. Skevofilax warns that having surgeries too early could lead to scar tissue build-up and the muscle’s inability to heal properly.

The plastic surgeon highlights that each surgery causes changes in the body that must be considered before performing another. Therefore, Price needs to allow enough time between each procedure to avoid the body’s accumulation of scar tissue.

It is essential to note that undergoing plastic surgery for any reason is a personal choice, and people should have the freedom to decide what they want for their bodies. However, it is also vital to consider the potential consequences of the surgeries, including the risks and the impact they may have on the body’s health.

Source: AWM