She Was A Massive Pop Star In The 1990s, And Now She Is Homeless And…


A former pop sensation, once on top of the world, now grapples with a different reality, juggling between homelessness and motherhood while reflecting on the missteps of the music industry’s financial model.

Hannah Spearritt, a once-celebrated 90’s star with the hit band S Club 7, finds herself navigating an unforeseen course. This forty-one-year-old singer, contrary to popular opinion, hasn’t amassed millions. Instead, she grapples with homelessness, sharing an office space with her two young children, in the wake of losing her home during the holiday season.

Spearritt, her two daughters Tea, four, and Tora, two, alongside their fitness trainer father, Adam Thomas, are now ensnared in an uncertain life. With each paycheck, they survive, having failed to find a stable residence last Christmas. Despite the fame Spearritt acquired in the ’90s as part of S Club 7, a brand grossing over $60 million, she now bears the harsh truth of her financial predicament to her children.

Previously residing in a rented property in London, an unexpected sale forced the family out, hurling them into a year of continuous relocation. Having resided in four separate locations, the family now resides in a friend’s office. A stark contrast to the stability they previously enjoyed.

In an interview with The Sun, Spearritt recounted their struggle, “The kids’ beds were there, and we had the crayons out. It was stressful. Our landlord needed the money, and the property sold so fast. We ended up with under two days to leave. What screwed us is we didn’t have time to find another place.”

She highlighted their strenuous endeavor to secure a new residence, and the support they found in friends during this critical time. Despite the stress, they turned their situation into a playful one for their children, believing in the notion that what doesn’t break you, only makes you stronger.

Spearritt, during her tenure with S Club 7, earned a modest annual income of 150,000 British pounds, while the band generated millions for its stakeholders. The common misconception of her and her bandmates being millionaires is far from the reality she faces today.

As she unveiled the financial disparity between the band members and the stakeholders, she emphasized that they were “not on a good wage compared to the money being made”. Hence, the widespread belief of them being wealthy is a misguided notion.

Despite these challenges, Spearritt cherishes her time with the pop supergroup. The band, which last reunited for an arena tour in 2015, provided her with memories she deems irreplaceable. However, her earnings from these performances remain unclear.

Her recent entrepreneurial endeavor of opening a café last summer also faced an unfortunate setback due to “personal reasons”, adding another layer to her ongoing struggles.

Source: AWM