She Was In The Middle Of Being Raped, And She Broke Off A Piece Of….


An alleged would-be rapist got what he deserved…

A South Carolina woman bit off a teen’s tongue during an alleged home break-in and sexual assault attempt.

A teenage man had his tongue bitten off after allegedly cramming it down a woman’s throat while trying to rape her in her home, police said. The man tried to force his tongue down the South Carolina woman’s throat, and that’s when she chomped down on it and cut through the sexual predator’s tongue.

According to reports, the 33-year-old victim told police she answered a knock at her door on Oct. 16 to find a 16-year-old boy; he was allegedly holding a knife and forced his way into the home.

Miller started punching the victim, then carried the woman over his shoulder to her bedroom and sexually assaulted her. The woman was finally able to escape after she bit down on Miller’s tongue until she heard it snap. She fled to a gas station where she called the police.

“Stop fighting and I won’t hurt you,” Antoine Miller allegedly told the 33-year-old woman after tackling her while armed with a knife.

The 16-year-old suspect will be charged as an adult. Police say Miller faces five charges including criminal sexual conduct, assault, and burglary.

Opposing Views added:

The would-be rapist escaped the house and ran to a local Waffle House restaurant on Northwoods Boulevard. The boy’s mother had called 911 and reported that her son was “not having a tongue and needing medical assistance.”

The would-be rapist received treatment at the Trident Hospital. The man’s tongue was recovered from the bloody crime scene and placed on ice. However, it is unclear if doctors were successful in reattaching his tongue.

Police also found a knife that fit the woman’s description. It seems he did do what she claimed after all.

Miller’s mother alerted police to her son’s whereabouts when she called asking for help because he didn’t have a tongue.

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