She Was Raped By ISIS, Why A School Told Her ‘Don’t Show Up’ Will Make You See Red!


It’s an open secret to the public that Barack Obama’s weak leadership together with Dementia Joe Biden as his Vice President made Islamic extremist terror group ISIS quickly become the number one threat in the Middle East.

We’ve seen multiple reports of sexual abuses to the children by ISIS and they even infiltrated the United States to recruit Muslims to join their group. Christians and Yazidis were abducted from their villages and a 14-year-old Yazidi girl, Nadia Murad, was one of their victims.

ISIS terrorists ripped her from her community and turned her into a sex slave. She was repeatedly raped and tortured. After three months, Murad miraculously escaped to a refugee camp and eventually made her way to Germany, where she now lives.

In 2018 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her fight to end sexual violence in war and armed conflicts.

And now, Canada’s largest school board has canceled a book club event with ISIS survivor Nadia Murad, citing concerns that it would “foster Islamaphobia.”

Nadia Murad had been scheduled to speak to Toronto public school students in regards to her experiences being enslaved by the extremist group at the age of 14, and later escaping its captivity. Ms. Murad now lives in Germany and has recently released the book “The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity” documenting her experiences.

Helen Fisher, the executive superintendent of the Toronto School Board, forbade her students from attending Murad’s February talk, citing the possibility for “Islamophobia” as a result of the event, believing Murad’s speech would offend her Muslim students. Fisher has already apologized, but it is unclear whether she intends to prevent her students from attending the address.

Fisher had also sent the founder of the Toronto book club Murad was scheduled to speak at a printed lecture on her standards for “culturally relevant” reading materials. An account of experiencing crimes at the hands of one of the world’s most evil governments failed to meet Fisher’s standards, which might instead mandate the study of “White Fragility” instead.

Fisher, who features her pronouns on her Twitter account, made her social media presence private in the wake of the controversy.

The Toronto school board itself issued an apology to Murad, suggesting that the superintendent’s apology was mandated by those with whom she shares power.

According to The Daily Mail reports:

Fisher expressed that she believed the book would ‘promote Islamophobia’ and cited how offensive the book was to her Muslim students as her reason for canceling the event.

In response, dozens of users took to Twitter to express their fiery discontent towards TDSB’s decision.

One user referred to when Holocaust survivors spoke to TDSB schools and sarcastically said: ‘I guess all the Holocaust survivors who have spoken at schools were promoting hatred of Germans – any response to your idiotic position on Nadia Murad???’

Meanwhile, another user said the school’s choice to cancel Murad’s event is ‘sad (because) she is being de-platformed.

Yet another response said the decision is the ‘opposite’ of cancel culture, ‘where incompetent professionals face no consequences for bungling their jobs because their errors are seen as being committed in the (nominal) service of social justice.

Are woke educators and administrators creating a dangerous world for our children that prevents them from discussing any topics outside of those chosen by far-left activists disguised as “educators”?

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