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Hillary Clinton has truly gone overboard with the scandals and corruption, the last one being the rigging of the first presidential debate. Her affairs and manipulations are becoming grand and epic, and no one seems to do anything about it. Clinton has been gaining so much power over the media and the political events that it is almost impossible to bring her down.

Now one man confirmed that he had worked for Clinton as a personal assassin- oh dear Lord!

VIA Angry Patriot

Larry Nichols, an Arkansas resident, admitted he was a hired murderer for the Clintons during their time in Little Rock and even when they were in the White House.

Nichols is one of the main individuals who brought the sexual assault and rape allegation of then-Governor Clinton to the forefront. He also was instrumental in starting Bill Clinton on his path to impeachment in 1998.

Nichols not only claims he was a hitman for the Clintons, but he also alleges he was sent overseas as a mercenary to kill individuals for the good of the country and the states. “I did it for the money,” he says. “I didn’t give a s**t about the women I beat and the men I murdered.”

The alleged former hitman has come forward now and claims he no longer sees the need to hide it. True to form, he said the Clintons were involved in illegal activities constantly, claiming it goes well beyond just cronyism, nepotism, and pay-to-play. According to Nichols, they had a whole host of friends, mercenaries, state troopers, and plain old yes-men who would cover up the crimes and shield the Clintons from being accused of indictable offenses.

Nichols claims the Clintons were involved in drug running, the beatings and rapes of woman and girls, and a whole of other crimes fitting for a crime boss family. If that weren’t bad enough, Nichols also addressed some rumors regarding Hillary’s sexual orientation by claiming she is lesbian and Webster Hubbell, not Bill Clinton, is Chelsea Clinton’s biological father.

But wait! There’s more to Nichols’s claims. He said Hillary attended a coven of witches during her time in Washington as first lady, and she belonged to a sisterhood called the Belizian Grove, which is similar to the Bohemian Grove. Belizian is a female counterpart to the Bohemian group, describing itself as a “global constellation of influential women who are key decision makers in the profit, non-profit, and social sectors” of American society.

Elizabeth Kersey is a member of this group as well and was also a worker in the Clinton Global Initiative. Quite a coincidence, isn’t it?

Drug running. Murder. All-around dishonesty. Membership in secret societies.

Although Nichols’s claims might seem far-fetched, these are all things that seem perfectly on What everyone knows about the Clintons can bring them down without any problems, but no one seems to be lifting a finger. And imagine if she gets elected president- America will be crushed and wrecked for good.


0 thoughts on “SHOCKING ADMISSION: CLINTON’S PERSONAL HITMAN SPILLS THE BEANS- Exposes THIS About Working For Bill and Hillary

  1. why do I read about all these rogue slimey killery clintonov pdeople,like elizabeth kersey,a comember o a witch coven wiith killeryn. that is right aBONAFIDE WITCH’s covenalong with killery clintonov,. and now larry nichols comes forth to relate his scurrilerous activities as a PAID HIT MAN in the employme if both clintonovs. now we know who killed vince foster.. how many deaths in europe,asia and the mideast are credited to nichols? we need to start pressing charges and endicting before nov first, because charges brought after nov fi
    rst will vaul
    t slimey’s vp into the oval orfice. he was selected as running mate to push killerys very liberal programs and continue her terroristic programs…vDONT BE A CHUMP….VOTE GOP THE PARTY ABE LINCOLN STARTED AND FREED THE SLAVES. mp

  2. If someone admitted to crimes such as murder, why has he not been arrested? ????
    I would love nothing more than tosee the Clinton to be arrested for the crimes of their past and present….

  3. “Although Nichols’s claims might seem far-fetched…” NO SHIT! hahahaha! The whole article is bullshit after bullshit!

  4. There is a higher power than what these evil people hold. There reign will end. God will kick out the murderers and money changers in Washington. God Bless America

  5. I think Nichols is telling the truth about the Clintons. Do you think anything will be done to them. They must think they are untouchable. Nobody has done a thing. Nichols will probably end up dead, and so will we if Hillary gets in the Whitehouse.

  6. Always knew the Clintons were corrupt! This is no surprise! Let’s hope n pray she doesn’t get elected! We don’t want our country any worse then it already is if she follows Obamas agenda. We need a change for the better! Trump for President!

  7. You can pray and hope all u wnt but that bitch is the next president. The bookies have her favored at 5 to 1

  8. So you really believe that some guy is admitting to being a hitman, and doesn’t think he’ll get arrested or anything?
    I can’t stand hillary but this is nothing more than a fantasy piece, no one is going to admit to being a murderer unless they’re prepared to go to prison.

  9. I believe it! But I don’t think anyone has guts enough to bring her down. They are like the mofia, and will kill anyone who gets in their way. God help us all if she gets elected.

  10. I just can’t fathom anyone being surprised by any of this. Really??????? How about Waking up America, and Excepting the Truth about the Scum Bag Clinton’s. Do Something before it’s too Late! Elect Trump!!!!!!

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