Sick Pervert Was Groping Women Outside A Club, And Definitely Picked The Wrong Ones To Mess With…


When a man with a sense of entitlement crossed paths with two women who refused to be victims, he found himself in a world of pain, learning a hard lesson about respect and the consequences of his actions.

In an era where some men still believe they are entitled to exert control over women’s bodies, an incident outside a club proved that these men are severely misguided. A man, emboldened by such a misguided mindset, began groping a woman, not realizing that the woman’s friends were prepared to put him in his place.

Unbeknownst to him, the two friends were MMA fighters, eager to show this sexual offender that he had chosen the wrong women to target that night. Through a display of their fighting skills, they gave the man an unforgettable lesson in respect and boundaries.

Among the MMA fighters was renowned UFC bantamweight Leslie Smith, who studied under Cesar Gracie. Gracie recounted the incident to My MMA News, explaining how his student and her friend put the sexual offender in his place after he sexually harassed them outside the club.

When the man inappropriately touched Smith’s friend, the women decided it was time to teach him that he couldn’t just harass women and walk away unscathed. Gracie quoted Smith confronting the man, saying, “Hey, you can’t do that.” The man arrogantly replied, “F*** you, I can do whatever I want.” Smith retorted, “No, motherf***er, you can’t.” The man, enraged, spat in Smith’s face and attempted to punch her, clearly underestimating the women he was dealing with.

A fight ensued, with the man believing his strength would prevail over Smith simply because she was a woman. He quickly discovered his error when Smith effortlessly dodged his punch, took him down, and proceeded to deliver a beating he wouldn’t forget. Gracie detailed the encounter, saying, “Leslie ducked the punch and shot in for a takedown. She quickly got to the man’s back and applied a choke but decided he needed some elbow strikes and punches to learn a valuable lesson.”

As the man desperately tried to fight back, Smith’s friend, an MMA fighter and training partner of Meisha Tate, UFC fighter Heather Clark, joined the scuffle. She delivered a powerful soccer kick to the man’s groin, and Smith continued to rain down blows until the man, his face battered and bruised, pleaded for mercy, apologizing and expressing his respect for the women. At that point, Smith relented, allowing the man to leave the scene, having learned a vital lesson. The women then returned to the club.

In an interview with the MMA publication, Smith explained her motivation to defend her friend, saying, “I never meant to fight him, but I couldn’t let my friend get disrespected like that, and he escalated it from there.” She added that although she sometimes makes mistakes, she strives to follow a policy of non-initiation of violence.

Men who engage in this kind of behavior must recognize that their actions have consequences, and women, like Leslie Smith and her friend, will not hesitate to stand up for themselves and others.

Source: AWM