Sick Thug Suckerpunched A Young Boy With Brass Knucks, And Karma Hit Back…


Here is a criminal in the making!

A teenager from Conway, Arkansas thought it would be a “thug” to put on a pair of brass knuckles, quietly walk up behind a boy three-fourths his age and sucker punch him in the side of the head. With the video running, the teen did exactly that. He knocked the younger 12-year-old boy to the ground.

Kane Millsaps, 16, is the attacker and is now facing up to 20 years in jail for the attack that happened on May 31, 2016. A well-deserved punishment.

In the 23-second video, Millsaps can be seen interacting with a girl who is perhaps trying to dissuade him. A set of brass knuckles can be seen clearly on his left hand.

Twenty years behind bars for one moment of being a tough guy. Part of the issue is that once the 12-year-old fell, Millsaps kept hitting him in the face. The brutality of the unprovoked attack was undeniable. Millsaps lawyer, Frank Shaw said the video cause him and everyone who saw it discomfort.

Watch the re-uploaded video on Twitter of this brutal incident:

Without a pause, the victim slumps to the ground. Then a girl off camera shouts, “Kane!”

With the other boy senseless on the ground, Millsaps continues his brutal assault. Relentlessly, he punches the younger child in the face while he is down.

After the surprise attack, the 12-year-old victim suffered broken teeth, a cut on his neck, and a bruised right eye. He is lucky he didn’t die or leave the fight paralyzed.

Opposing Views added:

Millsaps is being charged as an adult with first-degree battery. If convicted, he could serve up to 20 years in prison, the maximum sentence.

“If he gets the maximum sentence, which I hope he doesn’t, he’ll get out when he is 36 years old,” Shaw questions. “Then what?”

Millsaps’ mother said her son deals with mental issues and recently spent a year and a half in a juvenile detention center for fighting.

“It’s my opinion that this is an untreated 16-year-old who needs help,” Shaw said.

Shaw has filed a motion with the court for a mental evaluation to be performed because he has “reasonable suspicion [Millsaps is] not fit to proceed forward with criminal proceedings.”

Shaw thinks Arkansas officials should increase funding for treatment.

“I think it’s a tragedy and it has caused not only my client to be incarcerated because of this but it’s also caused a victim to be injured,” he said.

Source: OpposingViews