Sidetracked Supplies Heading To Virus Hot Spots

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Urgently needed medical supplies were sidetracked by a greedy profiteer until the hoarding task force found them. Now they’re being speedily delivered to hospitals in New York and New Jersey where they will do the most good. The feds are going to throw the book at Brooklyn, New York, resident Baruch Feldheim, to send a clear warning to others that price gouging and hoarding will not be tolerated. Not one bit.

Needed supplies hidden in auto repair shop

Urgently needed medical supplies including 192,000 N95 respirator masks, personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer were confiscated last week. Federal officials announced Thursday that a seized stockpile of medical supplies is being handed out to health authorities in New York and New Jersey. The supplies were discovered last week in New Jersey and liberated by the hoarding and price gouging task force.

According to the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services, the equipment had been seized by their recently established coronavirus-related hoarding and price gouging task force. Agents carted off “130,000 surgical masks, 598,000 medical grade gloves, surgical gowns, disinfectant towels and bottles of hand sanitizer and spray disinfectant” that were illegally squirreled away.

The contraband supplies will be passed out immediately to health officials in Americas pandemic epicenters of New York and New Jersey. Local health administrators have been furiously scrambling to locate scarce protective gear. As of the most recent figures, Covid-19 has killed nearly 5,000 Americans so far.

The federal government keeps an emergency supply but what Barack Obama used for hurricane and other disaster relief never got replaced, despite the fact that Congress approved the money to fund replenishment of the supplies. Right now, the remaining emergency stockpile has been nearly exhausted.

Lying to the FBI is a crime

The task force relates that one of the reasons the equipment is in such short supply at the hospitals is because someone thought they could get rich taking advantage of the shortage. When the Federal Bureau of Instigation showed up at Baruch Feldheim’s Brooklyn front door on March 29, he lied to them. That’s a crime (unless you work for the FBI, like Andrew McCabe.) The 43-year-old earned a bonus charge of bio-terrorism for intentionally coughing on FBI agents and telling them he had Covid-19.

Feldheim has a defense lawyer, James Moriarty, who “denied the charges” and relates “his client had not yet entered a plea.” He can plead guilty but the evidence looks reasonably air-tight against him.

According to documents filed with the court, the task force was tipped off by a New Jersey doctor, outraged that Feldheim was trying to charge him seven times the normal price for critical supplies. Feldheim told the doctor he could score some masks, but it would cost him. The going rate was $12,000 for 1,000 N95 masks. He had all sorts of other goodies to sell, all at around a “700 percent markup over the normal prices.”

Enough to outfit a hospital

Following Feldheim’s cautious instructions, the doctor was told he could get his prescription filled at an Irvington, New Jersey, auto repair shop. Along with radiator hoses and fan belts, the doctor told the the feds, “the auto repair shop contained enough materials including hand sanitizers, antiseptic wipes and surgical supplies to outfit an entire hospital.”

That’s when the bureau decided to pay Feldheim a visit. When they got to Brooklyn, FBI agents “observed people walking away from Feldheim’s residence with boxes or bags that appeared to contain medical supplies.” Each and every bit of the misdirected medical equipment will be dropped off with the New York and New Jersey Departments of Health with some of the overflow directed to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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