SIICK: Here Is the Clinton Campaign’s Response to Learning Anthony Weiner Was Sexting a Teenager


Hillary Clinton staffers have had a plethora of controversies to deal with throughout the years.

Amid the recent WikiLeaks dump of hacked Clinton camp emails, staffers are found to have regularly discussed how to diffuse public relations problems.

In one email chain, several staffers said they had an “Erica Garner issue,” hinting that Erica might publicly lash out against Clinton if she didn’t include her late father, Eric Garner, when speaking on police violence.

Another digital exchange dated March 7, 2015, revealed staffers sharing news reports of President Barack Obama’s inaccurate claim that he had learned about Hillary Clinton’s use of private email through “news reports.” Staffers were apparently shocked at his misstatement and acknowledged “we need to clean this up.”

The latest batch of emails from long-time Clinton friend and current campaign chairman, John Podesta, were released Monday, revealing yet again another controversy they probably anticipated having to respond to.

According to WikiLeaks, an email sent from Lee Fang on June 10, 2011, alerted current campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri of the investigation into Anthony Weiner texting with an underaged girl.

The email was a copied story from Fox News, along with a link to the article:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Wikileaks

Palmieri forwarded it on to Podesta and adviser Neera Tanden, and her one-word response really says it all:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Wikileaks

The Clinton camp has remained largely silent on the WikiLeaks scandal, with Podesta tweeting on October 7th that he wasn’t happy about being hacked:

Clinton also blamed Russia for the WikiLeaks bombshell at the final presidential debate, criticizing both parties for trying to influence the U.S. election.


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