Is there anything this world as wonderful as bacon? If you’re a vegetarian or trying to watch your weight, I apologize. Mostly because you can’t experience the glorious, mouth-watering, opera for the taste buds that is eating a piece of perfectly cooked bacon. Just ask this baby.

In American culture, bacon is practically a religion, and there’s NOTHING we won’tadd it to, crumble it on, or wrap in it. There’s even bacon-scented underwear for fuck’s sake.

Up until now, there’s only one thing we haven’t done with bacon: take shots out of it. Don’t you worry though, that’s all about to change.

Whilst rambling through Facebook recently I stumbled upon a blog. It was a most glorious blog, concerned with delicious foods being made even more delicious. I clicked on a post and there, right before my astounded eyes, was:


My eyes traveled a little further down the page and I slowly realized it wasn’t ONLY a shot glass made out of perfectly crisped pieces of sweet, salty meat.

There, lining the inside of this glorious pork cup was the only other food that could challenge bacon’s position as most delicious food in the world: CHOCOLATE.

I realize this has been a lot of information and succulent pictures all at once, so let’s recap. We’ve got glasses, designed for holding booze, made out of bacon, and lined with chocolate. Holy shit.

These glorious vessels come to us via the food blog Through The Eyes Of My Belly. They were the VERY FIRST recipe posted on the site!

From about five minutes of sleuthing, I could only discover that the blog’s owner is a woman named N. Rogers. I’m assuming the woman part because of the blog’s avatar, so that could be inaccurate.

Either way, N. Rogers, if you’re reading, we’d LOVE to find out more about how you came up with this idea that’s been missing from our lives and stomachs for too long.

“They may be a little tedious to make,” Rogers says of these magical meat cups in her blog, “and I’m still perfecting the recipe, but they are totally worth it if you’re going to a party and want to bring something fabulous!”

She walks us through the entire process, from wrapping a paper towel roll in foil (and bacon, of course) to baking and lining them with bacon.

bacon shot glass Collage

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