Stacey Abrams Just Proved How Unpopular Sleepy Joe Is…


Ever wonder why? Simply, the old man is physically and mentally incapable of handling his presidential duties and the mess he gave the American people in his first year is too much already.

Let’s start with that. Geez!

Now, have you noticed what’s his latest poll and how bad it is? It’s on a flopping 24% approval rating, too far from his self-proclaimed 81-million voters my ass.

Joe Biden just proved that he is a guy with no limit, I mean, he has no limits of falling. lol

And previously, honorary “Governor” of Georgia, Stacey Abrams just slammed the President about how unpopular and toxic this old geezer is.

Check this tweet from Matt Whitlock, a Republican communications guy.

Stacey just showed the whole nation how people do not want to be with this man in public.

As you may notice, Stacey is a prominent Atlanta resident but chose not to attend the Tuesday event with President Joe Biden for his so-called voting rights protections.

For Biden, it was an unexpected snub at a time when he faces mounting vulnerabilities, including skepticism from Black voters who elected him and now question his dedication to their priorities. And for Abrams, who once openly lobbied Biden to pick her as his vice president, her absence left the impression that she was now distancing from the leader of her party as she campaigns for Georgia governor.

Probably not a guy who can make America a Great Nation as action speaks louder than voice, right?

People around him can tell. Oops!

Source: Wayne Dupree