Starbucks Caves To Trump’s Common Sense Demands, Ends Year Long War

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Starbucks just caved to President Trump and all that is left is for the NFL kneelers to get wise and come to their senses and it will be a clean sweep for President Trump.

Trump bashed Starbucks for refusing to celebrate Christmas among other transgressions.

But the Christmas one really annoyed Trump, and with good reason.

They refused to say the word Christmas or even show any Christmas scenes on their ubiquitous coffee cops.

They tried some happy holiday BS and most people were simply annoyed.

That our culture has devolved to the point that saying or showing Christmas was a bad thing.

Thank God for President Trump.

Because he – in his own brilliant way – showed America how stupid we had become and how we were arguing about things that simply do not matter.

Honor the flag, celebrate Christmas – what is so hard or wrong about that?

Most Americans agreed and now finally Starbucks has caved and agreed with Trump.

And it is about time.

For Starbucks just released their new Christmas cups and to the shock of everyone the cups have Christmas trees and celebrate Christmas.

According to Mashable, after years of not recognizing Christmas “the 2017 cups feature a Christmas tree, doves, ornaments, presents, and holiday cards.”

Look, the reason Trump keeps winning is not that he is better at the game than all the rest, which he is, but that he is right and they are wrong.

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