A disturbing video emerged back in 2012 that showed students from the Greece Athena Middle School in New York verbally assaulting an elderly bus monitor. The poor woman was visibly upset, and those who viewed the video had emotions that started as heartbreak and quickly rose to the level of anger. As Little Things shares, the story actually has a happy ending, as the target of the bullying incident used it as inspiration to help others.

The shocking video showed some incredibly disrespectful seventh graders reducing 68-year-old Karen Klein to tears with cruel and hurtful words. Videos of the disturbing incident made their way onto Facebook and YouTube, and Karen received an outpouring of support that truly blew her away.

Not too long after, Karen announced she would be retiring from her long-time duties, as she had some pretty big plans to tend to.

“But now it is time for me to give back and to turn your single act of kindness into my own personal movement to stop bullying in America. The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation, which I am seeding with $100,000, will be the gathering point for millions of people to support the anti-bullying movement. Together, we will change the world,” she wrote on her website.

Source: Little Things
Photo: Little Things

Every ugly story has a silver lining.


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