Swing States Have Just Told Biden, “It Is PAYBACK TIME!”


Democrats will pay in the 2022 midterm elections said by the Residents in key swing districts that are angry about the historic border crisis and blaming President Joe Biden, according to a broad new survey on the illegal immigration calamity.

In 15 states, 56% blame Biden’s dismantling of former President Donald Trump’s policies for the crisis, including a whopping 48% who strongly agree, according to the survey for Heritage Action for America.

And 50% in those districts said that they are “less likely to support Democrat candidates in the 2022 election for Congress” as a result of the surge over the border greenlighted by Biden, said the survey conducted by On Message Inc. of Virginia.

Republicans and Conservative voters are citing multiple concerning border reports while Democrats hesitate to call it a “crisis,”
The effect could have long-lasting effects for Democrats in the future.
And they’re not going to forget the impact any time soon.

The survey also polled 16 suburban swing counties in 10 battleground states and found nearly identical results. Two differences: More swing county voters (76%-72%) believe “Americans should come first” for government benefits, and, by a margin of 78%-73%, they believe illegal immigrants should be deported for making a fraudulent asylum claim.

Notable throughout the poll, provided to Secrets, is majority-Hispanic agreement that the immigration disaster is Biden’s fault and that Democrats will pay a price in the election.

“These polls prove that Americans of both parties are rejecting Biden’s open-borders agenda by wide margins,” said Jessica Anderson, the executive director of Heritage Action.

“Voters rightly blame Biden’s failed immigration policies for the border crisis by wide margins and are very concerned with the effects of illegal immigration on America’s social services, taxpayer burden, and public safety. Americans know what the administration refuses to admit: the border is in crisis, and Biden’s weak policies are to blame,” added Anderson.

In a morning briefing on the crisis and survey, Ken Cuccinelli, former acting deputy Homeland Security secretary and a Heritage fellow, called it the “Biden effect.”

Heritage Action and the Heritage Foundation have both turned their focus to the border that was quiet at the end of the Trump era.

Biden’s election, his signaling of an open-border policy, an end to Trump’s policy of keeping migrants in Mexico awaiting approval to enter, and his suspension of deporting criminal illegal immigrants in the nation have resulted in the biggest surge over the border in 20 years.

Border officials and lawmakers said it has resulted in both a humanitarian and security disaster, one that the administration has yet to respond to with a new policy backed by the public.

Just last month, 172,000 people were “apprehended” at the border, and thousands likely sneaked into the country undetected. In just two months, 272,441 have crossed, often surrendering to overwhelmed U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. The surge is so great that U.S. officials have placed arrows at popular border crossings directing illegal immigrants to U.S. processing centers.

This new survey showed that people in the battleground districts are more than ready to close the border. Asked how many immigrants they would allow into the United States, half said 250,000 or fewer people.

Only 6% said over 1 million. Multiple sources suggest that at the current rate, well more than 1 million illegal immigrants will enter the U.S. this year.
Survey shows, majorities favored continued the building of Trump’s wall and his remain-in-Mexico policy. They also want those entering to be proficient in English.

“Americans support the common-sense immigration policies of the Trump administration, including the remain-in-Mexico policy, border wall, and deportations of fraudulent asylum-seekers,” said Anderson.