Divisive Film Showcases Liberal Desperation

Universal Studios' controversial decision to release the highly divisive film, The Hunt, on March 13, 2020, showcases how desperate progressives have become. Liberal Democrats don't have a single chance at getting President Donald Trump out ....

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Acquitted President Prays For Retribution

President Donald Trump has no love for his deep state enemies, he told Thursday's National Prayer Breakfast. The Senate just fully acquitted him of the baseless lies manufactured to corrupt the election process. There are ....

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Armed Homegrown Terrorist Minutes From Mar-a-Lago, Trump Assassination Thwarted

No matter how sensational a story is, the left-leaning mainstream media will squash it like a bug if it doesn't fit their liberal narrative. They have been sitting on a story about the potential assassination ....

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Obama To Resigning General: “I Bet When I Die You’ll Be Happy To Pee on My Grave.”

This is a true story. General Stanley McChrystal was the Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan and it was often that the were strong disagreements on the conduct of the war with his 'Commander-in-Chief', Barack ....

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