After Pressure From Trump California CAVES, Makes Long Term Problem New Priority

Back in October, President Donald Trump called California's out of control problem with homelessness a "disgrace" and "inappropriate." Lower class citizens of the Golden State, the president declared, are "living in hell." On Wednesday, Governor ....

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Ben Carson Drops Jaws With A Response To The Question If An Islamic Man Should Ever Run The Country

Ben Carson is a genuinely good Christian man. He has strong beliefs, but they are the same beliefs that our founding fathers built this country's constitution around, and they expected it to withhold throughout The United ....

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Ben Carson Says Gays Deserve Equal Rights But They ‘Do Not Deserve Extra Rights To Redefine Marriage’

Ben Carson seems to have a good head on his shoulders when it comes to LGBT rights and and defining the meaning of particular laws. He most recently sat down before the Senate committee and ....

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