Elite Candidate Confusion – Sorry, Wrong Jet

A hypocrite Democrat candidate was spotted on Saturday making the kind of mistake only a member of the blue-blood elite could make. Anxious to escape from disappointment in South Carolina, millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders hopped aboard his private Gulfstream, expecting to be whisked away to Boston in comfort. He quickly headed right back down the […]

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Phony Wolf Cries Liberal Election Sabotage

The Clinton News Network acknowledges the Russians could end up winning the jackpot without even buying a ticket. That’s because all the phony false alarms undermine our faith in our political system. Vladimir Putin can’t stop laughing. Russia isn’t the one sabotaging American elections, liberal Democrats are. Progressives have cried wolf so many times now, […]

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One Arrogant Billionaire Or Another

All of the Democrats in the running since day one set aside their campaign differences Wednesday night to gang up on the newcomer. They all made one thing perfectly clear, progressive liberals aren’t about to trade one arrogant billionaire for another. Especially one who hung out with Jeffrey Epstein. Elizabeth Warren let out a blood-curdling […]

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